Feeling the Manpain

"My marriage is falling apart."  No one has prepared me for this.  More so, I am not trained how to react to such statement. Hence, when my friend blurted it out, my reaction was a perfect storm of shock, concern, dumbfound with tinge of urgency to run away and save myself from the heavy drama … Continue reading Feeling the Manpain


Of Marriage and Faith

Try forming a fist with your hand then ask someone to pull each finger to open your palm. Because you're clenching your fingers, you feel pain as the other person tries to forcibly unclasp it.  Gradually, you begin to realize your only option is to let go or endure the torture. That's how God disciplined … Continue reading Of Marriage and Faith

Dear Love

At some point in your life, you look at happy couples and it irks you.  On a different day, you just wish you kind of have what these couples have.  Love.  Some say it's the universal language but after traveling halfway around the world, I'd say it's Big Mac and not Love.  That's an entirely different … Continue reading Dear Love