Inside an Abusive Relationship

"A colleague went to office one day, bruised.  Some of my co-workers witnessed her husband as he hit her in our office parking space.  All took pity but no one dared to approach her to offer help.  The irony is nobody wanted to intrude but kept talking about the incident anyway.  When the same incident … Continue reading Inside an Abusive Relationship


Dating a Single Again

May it be an ex-girlfriend of some dude or a divorcee, why is it both exciting and challenging to date them? 1. No mind games. There's no second guessing what she really means when she says 'let's call it night' or 'I have to go' because truth of the matter is, she wants her 'me … Continue reading Dating a Single Again

Dear Love

At some point in your life, you look at happy couples and it irks you.  On a different day, you just wish you kind of have what these couples have.  Love.  Some say it's the universal language but after traveling halfway around the world, I'd say it's Big Mac and not Love.  That's an entirely different … Continue reading Dear Love