Finding Balance

In this fast-paced life where there are million things to do, it’s easy to lose sight of priorities, especially when everything looks important and needs to be done at the same time. This posts dilemma since one unique trait of this generation is its flexibility to take on too many responsibilities and roles without considering the imminent danger of burnout.  Rather than deal with overfatigue and stress,
Pause. We have a tendency to hurry living. Get everything done and over with hence, we end up missing moments because we are so focused with milestones. While our hands and feet are doing step no. 1, our heart and mind are already at the finish line or worse, we are contemplating Project No. 2.

In the midst of chaos, a break gives the mind a breather which helps it to fine-tune focus. Pause can be in the form of short walks, coffee breaks, chat with friends or weekend getaways. A personal rule I have been trying to practice (and sometimes with so much difficulty) is to fix definite time for work, for family and for prayer.

Compartmentalizing allows you to separate yourself from certain tasks, hence, gives you fresher perpectives.

Evaluate. It is easy to evaluate but doing it objectively can be challenging. When emotions are associated with certain tasks, there is a bigger chance you will not see the value and purpose of accomplishing such tasks.  The key is know your desired outcome and see if it ties up with our bigger goals.  If your goal is to start a family, you should set aside time to meet people and date.  This would mean lesser time spent in the office. If your end goal is to get that Sales Head post, your primary focus should be clients and how to win them.  Once you pin down what you really want, it’s easy to distinguish what you really need to do versus what people expect of you.

The more specific your goals are, the better.  Remember, your goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-based. (Quick guide to setting SMART goals)

Re-group.  Re-grouping does not mean abandoning unfinished tasks but re-organizing it to determine items that are time-sensitive, non-urgent or delegatable. This is not limited to work but similarly applies to personal life. Health has always been a time-sensitive matter while some thinks taking a holiday is non-urgent. Some house errands can be delegatable.

Again, prioritization comes easy when we tie it up wit our overall goal and purpose.  Once you have your specific goals figured out, it is time to de-prioritize or weed out tasks that do not expedite or aid the achievement of your targets. By doing so, you are dedicating most of your time, energy and talent to what is most significant to you.

My personal tip. Being hectic is not at all bad however, if busy-ness has become a way of life that it already affects your well-being and your relationships, it is high time to pause, evaluate and re-group. Start each day with at least 30 minutes of quiet time to pray and meditate. I believe the most important yet the most neglected aspect of our life is our spirituality. To me, it is the key ingredient to finding core balance because being aware that I am not the master of the universe hence, I can’t do and control over everything.

(Photo credits to Linda Sasser)


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