Finally at Darling Harbour

The weather was friendly so we all agreed to spend the afternoon at Darling Harbour. By this time, I was becoming more and more familiar with the city – train stops, restaurants – and my confidence level to navigate Central Sydney had gone up several notches.

We got off at Central station and walked our way to Darling Harbour. It was mid-afternoon and the streets were not as busy.

Progressive countries, I think, have a thing for grand central stations like it in itself is a landmark. The one in Sydney is not different although honestly, I have seen better ones in previous trips. It is photo-worthy just the same.


We stitched several stops to our Darling Harbour visit. One of which was Paddy’s Market. Paddy’s houses signature outlets, bazaars and food halls. For souvenir items like shirts, jackets or bags, Paddy’s is the perfect place to get it. We scored hoodies for AUD12 and 3 bags for AUD10.

I earlier on realized Sydney is coffee-lovers’ haven. Cafés lined up the streets and with cold weather as this, most of it were packed. We tried Starbucks because it was less busy than the other shops.

On we went to Darling Harbour. It was yatchs, tourists, bars and restos. 


At night, when Vivid Sydney was still on, fireworks lit up the whole marina – like a Walt Disney movie came to life and you stood there, waiting for the Disney princesses to grace the night.

As we crossed Harbour Bridge, we were joined by employees who just finished work. So how does it feel to cross the Harbour Bridge after a tiring, maybe a bad day? Does one choose any restaurant and stress-eat, like many of us do? Does one randomly pick from Maritime Wharf, Aquarium Museum or King St Wharf to go to for a breather? Or does one pick her spot along the bridge, stand there in silence and dream of another life she wish she had? I can only imagine. 

Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever. – French Radioman, All the Light We Cannot See


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