New South Wales Chronicles

It’s been almost a week since I came to Sydney. My plan was to blog my daily activities. Unfortunately, I myself could not keep up to the many things I have been doing and the easiest way to do it is to take photos and post away.

For long vacations like this, I make it a point to stay fit, or at the very least, manage weight gain by burning more calories. Hence, I incorporate exercise to holidays. As much as I can, I start the day with running which is a  opportunity for me to see more of the place. The good thing about winter is I can start my work out as late as 8am and it is not that warm at all.

Photo below is taken at Berowra Heights. Extremy quiet neighboorhood with only few joggers.


Since it is a long vacation, my family and I visit one sight at a time. On our second day, we went to Bondi Beach which is more or less 20 minutes away from central station. It was rather cold when we got there but surfers were enjoying the waves. There is a popular resto bar on the other side of Bondi called Iceberg where celebrities hang out but it was closed that day so was the public pool. I wanted to trek the whole 6km stretch but it was closed due to typhoon that wreaked havoc to some parts of Sydney.



Bondi reminds me of Lake Havasu in Arizona and Haeundae Beach in Busan  where business establishments is just right across the beach. Always bustling with life and gorgeous surfers ultimately made the visit worthwhile.

In June, Sydney celebrates Vivid Sydney where they do lights show. We stopped by Chatswood for this.

The video does not give justice to the beauty of the show but yes, watch it as a teaser of what you have yet to see should you decide to visit


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