New South Wales Chronicles


Admittedly, Australia is at the bottom of my holiday destinations list. I could not figure out a distinct charm that would draw me to it. A family occassion that could not be avoided led me here. I was not really thrilled about the gruelling 8-hour flight so I picked a night schedule so I could sleep through and landed at Kingsford Smith Airport the following day at 10am. Winter, my least favorite season,  was just starting so it was bearable. A coaster was arranged to fetch me and my family. (If you are planning to visit in Summer, check out this must-pack tip)

Berowra is a 45-minute drive from the airport. A northern suburb surrounded by bushes, Berowra reminds me of a quiet town in The Netherlands with charming lawns and smiling people. One could find at least four schools within close radius to our place and I saw cute little kids in uniform with their mommas.

I came here without any itinerary in mind. When travelling with a group, particularly with family, I set my expectations low in terms of sights to see and things to do but I set my mind on one thing- coffee. My cousin told me there were several shops to try and set the bar high for coffee.

My first try of Australian coffee was at Single Origin in Westfield Hornsby. I went for a small cappuccino which costed AUD3.50. I am no coffee connoisseur and I am sorry that I can’t be more profound in my description. Single Origin’s cappuccino is creamy with the right mix of kick. My sister got a macchiato and she palpitated shortly after she finished her cup.

At nighttime, I went to St. Bede Parish for the wedding rehearsal. It was surprisingly small and gave a feel of antiquity. Dinner was in Star City situated across the chapel.


I was too tired to document all our stops but my first day went by smoothly. I look forward to more good coffee and good weather.


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