Career vs. Motherhood: An Epic Battle

I must say, the last few weeks are very eventful for me. My paranoia taken into account, I feel all eyes are on me as events unfold right under my nose. First, one of my besties and colleague announced she is having a baby. This caused overwhelming questions as to when I am going to conceive and have a baby myself. Second, office promotions were given out and my name was not included in the list. One co-worker approached me to ask why I was not given credit for all my hard work. So, which of these two situations really got into me?

Truth be told, it’s my promotion. (Whew! It feels really good to say it bluntly.) Okay, so there was a time when I thought I wanted a baby. For a while, I fancied dressing up little girls and daydreamed of how I should raise my boys. I mean, after hearing comments from my family, friends and people I am not even close with tell me about my “biological clock ticking away”, it kind of got into me. You know what happens when you watch an advertisement that hard sells a deodorant? It’s so hardcore it makes you doubt the capability of your present deodorant to prevent you from smelling. It’s as if you’re lacking as a person because you don’t use the advertised deodorant like everybody else. I guess you got my point? For sometime, I made myself believe that I wanted it too, and failed to see that it was what other people want for me. I was never happy until I fully acknowledged the fact that my work is my baby. Don’t get me wrong. My work has not become my world but I have an on-going relationship with it. A love-hate relationship, if I may say. I nurture it. I invest my time to in. I give my best to it.

You may ask me what I think of women who gave up their careers for motherhood or to women who juggle the two. No, I don’t judge them and absolutely no one can look down on them. Motherhood, for me is noble. Mothers deserve respect, the same respect career women should get. There’s no point in comparing the two. It’s like arguing on the beauty of scuba diving and painting. Futile. Reason being, its beauty depends on perspective and preference.

Work can be stressing sometimes but the sense of fulfillment that goes with an accomplished project, a successful event, a congratulatory note from your respected colleagues compensates it. You walk out of your office at the end of the day knowing that you have earned everybody’s respect for going an extra mile to deliver. So yeah, in this epic battle, career wins for me.images


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