On To My Second Half Marathon

Running. It is one of the very few things that I can never do without. When I feel sad, I run. I feel happy, I run. When I need to feel, I run. The longest, most stable relationship I have ever had is with my running shoes. There were two personal milestones in 2017 - … Continue reading On To My Second Half Marathon


Feeling the Manpain

"My marriage is falling apart."  No one has prepared me for this.  More so, I am not trained how to react to such statement. Hence, when my friend blurted it out, my reaction was a perfect storm of shock, concern, dumbfound with tinge of urgency to run away and save myself from the heavy drama … Continue reading Feeling the Manpain

When in New York

My art appreciation is rather basic, if not shallow.  I can make short but not necessarily sharp comments about Renaissance or Contemporary art but I am quite familiar with names like Michaelangelo, Van Gogh, Amorsolo or Picasso.  Aside from slaying my Arts Appreciation class back in my university years, I don't have any idea as … Continue reading When in New York